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Report - St Margarets Deep shelter; Dover. Oct 17

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St Margarets Deep Shelter/ nicked named Z Rockets due to how the area was used. So both names seem to apply.

The battery at St Margaret's was one of the earliest to be established in the Dover area. Its four 5.5" guns came were former naval guns, coming from the secondary armament of the battlecruiser HMS Hood, replaced during a refit. They were thus spared the fate suffered by the Hood itself when she fell victim to the Bismarck in May 1941 during the Battle of the Denmark Strait. The guns however were soon outclassed by the heavier guns of nearby batteries at South Foreland

From the shelter a long unlined tunnel runs towards an opening in the cliff face where spoil could have been dumped onto the beach below during excavation. This is also the point where it meets a passage running down from the third entrance, which may have acted as an emergency escape.

The gun battery was removed during the infamous Operation Eyesore in the 1970s

Info; Subterranean Britainnica

The Explore

The day started here and what a view from the cliffs. A nice warm day and the sun and channel looked calm. Nice walk down to our first location. St Margarets/ z Rocket. Went with one member and one non member. This was the start of our day, and a nice start it was too.


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