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Report - St Margaret's Maternity Wards, Leeds -June 2020

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St. Margaret's Maternity Hospital was run by the Leeds Diocesan Rescue and Protection Society. It provided care, using religious influences, for unmarried young women and girls who were pregnant for the first time. At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, St Margaret's was evacuated to St John's Home, Boston Spa, where they occupied one wing of the building. Shortly afterwards, the Society bought a property in Headingley, Leeds and on 19th November, 1940, fourteen mothers and twenty-eight babies, together with matron and staff, were transferred there. For the first time, St Margaret's had its own permanent residence. At this period, the Home was experiencing increasing difficulties with local maternity hospitals being sometimes unable to accommodate its expectant mothers. The problem was resolved when a long-standing benefactor of the Society, Mrs Warrington, purchased the adjoining property. This was linked to St Margaret's by a corridor and officially opened on May 6th, 1946. In more recent times, the Headingley site has been used for a variety of purposes including the accommodation of asylum seekers, and offices for a post-adoption support service and for the Leeds Youth Offending Team. The site closed in 2013.

Quite a decent size explore and due to it being in the middle of a well to do suburban area i thought it was going to be more difficult to get in. Inside there is a lot of dark rooms due to boarded windows but with a decent torch wasn't so bad. The local kids seem to be playing here as a make shift den of sorts and have seen to it to smash windows wherever they can so the weather has gotten in and badly damaged areas of the upper floors, the lower floors are struggling with damp too, I encountered wet carpets and black mould. Never the less it was a decent explore with some nice features still in place and one can imagine wealthy ladies giving birth here over the years in quite opulent surroundings.












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Love that staircase, shame I didnt see this place on my trip down Leeds the other week.


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Absolutely beautiful place, just been today and they are unfortunately starting to clad the doors and windows with steel sheets, it appears someone is cutting back the trees in the gardens too