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Report - St Margarets Rotor Bunker Dover March 2014


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Having seen the report go up from The Wickerman of his and Obscuritys mission to get into this place I thought it was about time i got myself down for a look myself.We had checked it out not long after the event and decided it was more than a little sketchy access wise so backed out !

Fast forward a few months and i was back and managed to get myself in and out without injury

Big shout to Obs and The Wickerman for the determination and perseverance in cracking this place it certainly isn't a walk in kinda explore..

History stolen from the same place as The wickerman got his no doubt

This was a single level bunker (Type R1) with its own water and generator capacity, part of the 1950's ROTOR radar project to protect the UK from Soviet attack. RAF St. Margaret's Bay was an active radar site from WW2 onwards (Type 13 and Type 26 radar were set up here on 24th August 1944) and at one point a Double Monitor Station was set up to try to jam V2 guidance systems. In 1949 the site was transferred from No.90 Group to Fighter Command as a site for Swingate. 1951 saw the CHEL facility renamed as No.1 Signals Unit and in November 1952 Swingate came under the ownership of the unit. This lasted until 1957 when No.345 SU became a seperate command at Swingate. No.1 SU was disbanded in April 1958 and the site came under Care and Maintenance until the domestic site closed in June, when RAF Sandwich took over parenting responsibilities. 1960 saw the inactive parenting transferred to RAF Manston and then, in 1970, the site was placed with Defence Lands for final disposal - in the mid 1970's the County Planning Officer noted that the 10 acre site was a 'grim eyesore' and recommended that the Rural District Council should purchase it and level the site to become an important amenity within the area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The site was purchased in September 1971 by Kent County Council - 11.5 acres of land (excluding the bungalow which was sold to a private individual) for the staggering sum of £2250!
On with a few fisheyed to fuck pics as there is only so many you can get from this place ,it's a ruin of a place but still nice in itself..








Thanks for looking!
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Shit hot mate ;-) nice to see more from this place. I am glad you got down there and you got some banging shots. Hope you enjoyed the entrance mate :thumb


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Shit hot mate ;-) nice to see more from this place. I am glad you got down there and you got some banging shots. Hope you enjoyed the entrance mate :thumb
Sketchy is an understatement but as much as it is a wreck it was nice to see inside this place that has for so long been a no go!


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Beautifully photographed mate :cool One of the sickest looking ROTOR bunkers

The Wickerman

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Good to see some more shots of the place, love the fisheye action - really must get one myself!! Alas, these whores wont pay for themselves - lol. Times are hard and all that. Great stuff wevsky and I trust you enjoyed the kerplunk style entrance. :thumb

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