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Report - St Mary in the Woods Morley April 2012


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Whilst out having a wander round Morley (near Leeds)yesterday.Came across this Church,so nipped back to car and grabbed the camera.Ended up not the most exciting of sites,but worth a mooch for
An hour.
Bit of History
Oldest documented site in Morley and mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
The existing Church built 1878 Grade II Listed.Graves in churchyard go back to 1699 and many of the graves are listed as well.
Due to dwindling congregation and unable to fund the upkeep of the Church,it was closed inabout 2007 and in 2008 was sold to an entrepreneur a former Leeds Magistrate,Graham Butterworth who lives in Gibralter.
A planning application was made in February 2010 to turn the church into restaurant & 9 luxury hotel suites as well as a block of 30 more suites nearby.
On the 12th June 2010 in the early hours there was a devastating fire which gutted the church.No conclusion has been made by the Fire Service as to how this started and no one has been arrested .
The Church tower housed the Pancake Bell which originally came from Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.
The Bell had been rung on Shrove Tuesday since the 17th Century.It was thought this had been lost in the fire but was later recovered at the base of the tower having crashed down through all the floors.

Now on with the Pics,not great but didn’t have a tripod with me!

Didnt have to look too far for a way in!





The Cellar Sorry about the flash,No Torch !
Inside the Tower No stairs Up Oh dear!
Never a truer word.......

Wont be upset,throw the dummy out,throw a wobbly,break camera etc etc if this ends up in the pit :tumbleweed It kept my feeble mind engaged for a while :confused


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28DL Full Member
I know this is ancient but I just wanted to say thanks for grabbing some photos - I'm not an explorer but I am really interested in photography, buildings and especially those with a bit of history like this that's local to me. I was just looking at a website that mentioned how old the graves are on the site and this post popped up in a subsequent Google search. Not much has changed since you visited, it's still all just sat there wasting away.

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