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Report - St Mary's Convent/Westbrook House, Folkestone - June 2012


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So over the weekend I had some time to spare in Folkestone, and decided to go for this site. Things didn't exactly go to plan - I'd forgotten to charge my camera battery so my photos end abruptly and with no exterior shot, which I normally leave to the end. Secondly - it appears that I was in a completely different part of the complex compared to each of the other reports on this site on the forum. I found my way into the building that's closest to Shorncliffe Road, it was big enough that I didn't even get a chance to have a look at entrance for the school side of the complex. Is anyone able to confirm the name of the building that I was in? Apart from the basement, pretty much every room that wasn't a toilet was a bedroom. After my camera died I did see a potential lead into the chapel, however, but didn't have time to check it out.

Other reports have some history of the school, but I'm pretty sure that I wasn't actually in the school school. I haven't found anything solid on the convent side of the history. This website has good anecdotes etc if you're interested: http://oldwestbrookians.tripod.com/index.html

Anyway, on a lovely, sunny afternoon I made my way around the site looking for any potential entrances. Didn't take me too long, although the way I went in was probably the sketchiest entrance I've used in my short UE career.


This outdoor corridor had completely collapsed, but amazingly this was about as bad as the place was damaged, other than multiple smashed sinks inside.


Lovely staircase. Didn't go up until after the battery died though :rolleyes:


The first in a long line of smashed sinks. Don't think I've ever seen so many toilets in one building.


Only a toy.


Several of the rooms had reminders of their previous boarding pasts, such as dismantled beds, the odd wardrobe, and a Homer Simpson poster.


The ground floor was relatively boring, things got a bit more interesting when I found my way down to the basement though.


Big, sexy boiler!




The basement was surprisingly big, and surprisingly untouched.


This list of holiday dates was from 1986. Should have zoomed in really :p:


The last photos I got were of an old work room in the corner of the basement.


Then the bloody battery went and died :banghead My fault really. Leaving the basement I started to have a mooch around upstairs, then realised the time, so ran around each floor, then as I was about to leave realised I hadn't even gone into the other half of the building, itself comprising of another three floors.

Anyway, it was a nice, relaxed explore once I was out of view of the neighbours on the way in, and I'll be heading back at some point to do the rest of the site, and hopefully crack that chapel!

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