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Report - St Marys Hospital, Melton Mowbray - Oct 2015

Mr Sam

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28 Years Later.

Well I've mentioned it enough times but 28 years ago i was born in the workhouse in one of these very rooms had known the Vagrancy cells were empty years ago but just never checked finally saw them some time ago then most of the main buildings earlier in the year. Hopefully some of it will be saved in whatever they decide todo with the land.

A Union workhouse was built in 1836 at the east side of Thorpe Road in Melton Mowbray. It was designed by Charles Dyer and adopted an elongated H-plan layout, rather than one of radial layouts more popular at the time. An infirmary designed by RW Johnson was erected at the east of the workhouse in 1869-70. At the centre were a surgery. kitchen, and nurse's quarters. Male and female patients had separate entrance to each side. A vagrants' block was located at the south of the workhouse. It contained work cells for stone-breaking at the southern side. The cells walls contained outlet grids (now bricked up) through which were placed the small pieces of broken stone. Later becoming St Mary's Hospital, the original building closed around 2009.













The devil child

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This was a good day and we got to see a lot more than we 1st were expexting still have to get my report up on here too :thumb


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The hospital site is going to be re-developed very soon. No doubt the vagrancy cells will be demolished and possibly lost for good.