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Report - St.Marys Hospital Stannington 01/2010



visited with host january after a long drive and a early get up we got to st.marys bright and early spent the best part of 4 hours in there uninterrupted until we bumped into 2 more people of our persuasion:thumb
which is all good but not 15 mins later a gang of shall we say hippies(might be the wrong description but hey) turned up on site so we decided time to bail.....then about 5 mins after leaving site a police car turned up......think we made the right choice.Anyway some history then the pics....
World War II led to the development of a hutted Emergency medical services hospital to the north of the admission unit, which was also requisitioned. Peacetime brought about the creation of the National health service, under which the hospital became known as St. Mary's - named after the Stannington parish church. The hutted emergency hospital was converted to house mental defectives. Limited development under the NHS consisted of a new staff training school and a number of prefabricated units providing social and occupational therapy facilities.
Resettlement and closure led to retraction of wards and services back into the main building, with the areas to the north closing first. Despite the hospitals remote location, and considerable distance from it's catchment area, it remained open as late as 1995 when most surviving facilities were relocated to Bensham general hospital.
Current Status:

Despite a number of proposals for redevelopment the hospital, it remains disused with the exception of the staff cottages and steward's residence which are privately occupied. The hospital buildings have all survived remarkably intact due to their isolation and an active security presence. The exceptions include the boiler house chimney, which has collapsed into the adjacent yard due to structural failure and the former emergency medical service huts which were demolished prior to the full closure of the hospital. Due to the largely unaltered condition of the principal original buildings and grounds, these have been listed Grade II status making their some retention and conversion within future development likely.












last 2 images are hdr.....



i know ive mist loads on this site and i am planning my return
Thanks for looking....