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Report - St Mary's Hospital, Stannington March 2011


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I decided to pay a visit on coming back from Morpeth and found that St Mary's is now a veritable 'shell'... so a 'mini' report, is this one.

It was a very sunny and warm afternoon and a nice wander, with some comic moments in meeting with the resident "guy with dog" and his various tales of how we shouldnt be there and that trespassers are prosecuted with "no doubt.. and no question and probably shot if they could", but he seemed a friendly enough chap and was only too happy to talk about the cricket pavillion and grounds that I was interested in.

Also the dodging of demo guys in their bulldozers, who nearly saw me ducking out of the way in various window sills and doorways... one nearly got in one of my shots,but I fought the urge to shout out "Oi... you're in me photo mate... can you move to your left a sec.."

But even though it was a nice sunny wander, it was a shame to see such a lovely building a mere shell of its former self. I was seriously doubting putting up these shots, since most of it is gone but thought I still should, as it documents I was finally there and as it gives an update on the demo situation and maybe the last of what was St Mary's Hospital, in Stannington, Northumberland.. R.I.P...