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Report - St Mary's Hospital, Stannington - March 2016


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St. Mary's Hospital in Stannington Morpeth, was previously known as the Gateshead Borough Asylum opened in 1914 and closed in 1995.

History, taken from Historic England:

The Gateshead Borough Lunatic Asylum was designed in 1910 by the architect and asylum designer George T Hine. The asylum was intended to serve the pauper industrial population of urban Gateshead and for this purpose the 300 acre West Duddo farm was acquired in the remote parish of Stannington, Northumberland in 1909 at £31 per acre. Hine produced a design to accommodate 400 patients in ward pavilions laid out in echelon arrangement to form a broad arrow plan, with the intention of extending the building to accommodate 500 patients. The echelon style, developed in the 1870s and 80s, had by this date become the common pattern for asylum buildings. The wards were each intended to be occupied by a different medical class of patient, including sick and infirm, recent and acute, and epileptic. The airing courts were arranged adjacent to the wards as in earlier C19 asylum designs, and the parkland, including a large kitchen garden, enclosed the building and courts. The asylum opened officially in 1914.

This site has been done loads before, and most of it has now been demolished and replaced with a housing development. The administration block has also been redeveloped into a pub and restaurant so when we visited we really weren't expecting much left - If anything at all! However, a couple of buildings remain in the North West and South East of the main site in the surrounding area so we took a few shots. One of the buildings could potentially be the isolation hospital (this was built at the same time to the North West of the site)

What's left of the main site...













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This is Morpeth and how do I get to this part last time I was up there it had been done out and had houses getting built ?


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Yeah there's not much left! This wasn't part of the main site.. these pictures are of the out buildings in different locations around the edge of the site