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Report - St. Mary's Hospital, Stannington, Morpeth



In response to a request that I upload some pics of the exterior of St. Mary's, I have decided to upload a few of my images (work in progress as I experiment with HDR).

This initially started out as a fascination with the lovely pavillions within the grounds, but later became a project to document the site throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, time is running out.....

Please view these as unfinished works, submitted in response to some criticism of my lack of activity. I would welcome any feedback as I have recently calibrated my screen using Spyder 3 Pro- and the calibrated driver seems a little green for my liking. Maybe its my eyes?

Main building (white balance needs correcting)


Steam valves (white balance needs correcting)


A panel within one of the pavillions (earlier work that requires further work and sharpening)


A corridor accessible just off the main footpath last year (earlier work that requires further work and sharpening)




Pavillion in the snow


Pavillion panorama