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Report - St Mary's, Westbrook, Folkestone August 2012

White Dove

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First report.

I've been inspired recently by reading the forum, so with a photography background i decided to look into the UE side of things as i'm doing alot more HDR etc these days. However i'm a bit of a whimp when it comes to doing anything "naughty!". So baby steps as they say, hopefully as the confidence builds in the exploring side, i can bring out more of the photography skill side, as these are NOT my best work!

This is in fact my 4th explore. I'll get round to posting the others soon. One was an epic night of fail being chased off a site by security.. but thats another story!
Working with another newbie, Sharp Shotz, we decided to pop along one evening and see what was about. it was initially a reccie but we couldnt help have more of a look about. now compared to you guys i dont think we got very far:banghead, but that makes a 2nd visit possible with a little bit more confidence!!
Very disappointed we couldnt get in more places. or whether we need to try harder...

anyway, photos:


Liked the chair shot. Light was fading fast, camera was struggling


this was the upstairs pottery room or something.


Love the fact the kids work is still there. need to take more detail next time, in daylight.


Liked this shot. the different coloured sives in the sink.


Different angle


Then moved on and found this room. an old drama room?


Obligatory piano


We tried shooting these against the window handheld. light was fading fast, was difficult to get a sharp shot. def try again with a tripod and tape them to the window.


Outside again and the chapel window. Didnt bother looking as everyone had said it was impossible.


Liked the wonkey drainpipe!


Nice Silhouette. Didnt stay much longer, got dark, couldnt use torches. saw a fox kicking about which was nice!

So all in all, a good first try i think considering we're both out our comfort zones!

Shout out to sirjonnyp, One Flew East, Weeble for providing inspiration!:Not Worthy and the infamous Space Invader :cool. As the FAQ's said, posts need to make people want to go there, and their's did exactly that!!