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Report - St Michaels C of E High School, Oldbury - June 2015


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Hello all,

So after having a couple of failed attempts at this place, I finally managed to have a look around thanks to the help of a local explorer on here.

It was a dull, rainy afternoon in The Black Country and with nothing to do I decided to get out and give my new camera a try. I rang my mate (non member) and away we went on the short drive. I was actually feeling a little nervous about this one as I knew it would be a difficult entry for a reasonably new explorer.

Anyway, once into the grounds a few memories came flooding back and it was a shame to see the place looking unloved and lonely. The school field was overgrown and goalposts rusted, with the school itself gradually being taken back by nature. Once inside it had a nice atmosphere with the feeling of happiness, not once did I feel threatened or detect a negative atmosphere which made the explore very enjoyable. The whole of the inside had been gutted by scrap men, ceiling tiles and lights had been ripped out and thrown across the classrooms so that they could gain access to the wiring in the ceiling.

One part of the building had been destroyed due to a fire in 2013. I have a feeling this could of been the sports hall as I couldn't find one when I visited. The building the fire was in had been completely demolished now and the joining building is propped up with scaffolding and such like.

History taken for Wikipedia:
St Michael's Church of England High School is a secondary school located in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, England. It was built during the 1960s and relocated from there to its current site on Curral Road in May 2011. The school takes its name from St Michael's Church, situated some two miles away in the township of Langley. Notable pupils include Carlton Palmer former English professional football player who played as a midfielder, most notably for Sheffield Wednesday. It has been the only school in Rowley Regis since the closure of Britannia High School in 2002.

This was the first time id used my camera and am very much a novice so I apologise if photos are not very good.
















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A fire lol looks more like a bomb went off but still good effort for getting out there and doing the report :thumb


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Well done matey. I live 5 minutes away and I explored it back in 2012 once. Everytime since has been a fail! Been arrested twice (as police had no idea it was abandoned and thought I was a thief! ) Got me right up for giving it another crack now.


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28DL Full Member
Give it a go pal, I was there for a good few hours and nobody bothered me. Just be aware around the fire damaged part!

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