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Report - St Michaels Church, Rampside, January 2011


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I passed this the other day and noticed the scaffold so me and a mate went up to check it out.
The church overlooks Rampside gas terminal and next to that, Roosecote Power Station.
The power station was originally Coal powered but has since been converted to gas powered, conveniently from the terminal next door.
The terminal was built in 1985, Gas is pumped on land directly from pipelines out to the North Sea gas fields.

Bit of a search on the church reveals that it dates from 1840, when it replaced an earlier church dating from 1621.

This is what someone had to say about it in 1882...

Rampside is delightfully situated near the entrance to Piel Harbour. About a mile from the village stands the church, a neat structure, rebuilt in 1840, in the perpendicular Gothic style of architecture.
The foundation stone of the old building bore the date 1621, but it is probable that a chapel occupied the spot previous to that year. Beneath the foundations were found quantities of human bones ; it must, therefore, have been a place of sepulture at an earlier period; and as these were always associated with ecclesiastical edifices, we may infer that such was the case in the present instance, and that a church stood near the spot soon after the Reformation. In 1650 it was reported by the Parliamentary Commissioners as having neither minister nor any endowments to maintain one. George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends, visited the village in 1652. In his journal he says :-" I passed to Rampside, where was a chapel, in which Thomas Lawson used to preach, who was an eminent priest. He very lovingly acquainted the people in the morning of my coming in the afternoon, by which means many were gathered together." Lawson afterwards resigned his cure and joined the Friends.

George Fox seemed to like it round here, he hung around a lot!

Anyway on with the pics...

Access was a piece of piss-


Barrow in the distance-


Gas Terminal on the Left, Power Station to the Right-



Rampside and Roa Island, The red lights out to sea come from the recently built offshore windfarm (construction pics here)-



On your Churches!


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