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Report - St Nicholas chapel; Oxney; Kent; Sept 13

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Oxney chapel


Oxney, or as it was originally known; Oxene, eventually developed into a small settlement or at least into a group of dwellings associated with a main house. Sir William de Auberville owned the Parish of Oxney at the time of King Richard I and in 1192 founded the Abbey at West Langdon, with St Nicholas’ Church at Oxney being a ‘chapel of ease’ served by the abbey. This meant that the tiny church served the needs of the owners and workers of the estate. Besides the stone structure of the church there would have been some rustic wooden outbuildings for the one or two monks that administered it. These could have consisted of some sleeping cells, a refectory and kitchen and a cellarium

The ruined St Nicholas' Chapel at Oxney Bottom, on the A258. This little chapel was the private chapel for the owners of Oxney Court, but became notorious as a gathering spot for wannabe Satanists who indulge themselves by carving pentagrams in the trees, daubing silly messages, wrecking graves and generally being twats

Tragedy of the woods
The story of two twins playing in the woodland left a mark on the whole area. One of the twins a boy fell down one of the many wells left over from early settlement in the woodland area. Since then the rumors of hauntings has spread far and wide. The marks on the trees I did see on my explore. A rather creepy explore I must admit. Being there mid afternoon til twilight, let the sun set behind the chapel and the atmosphere was one of peace but underlying with being watched.

The abandoned Oxney court was heavily fenced on my first visit in 2006. By 2013 it was completely restored. So gutted I never got near it in its abandoned state. The chapel is in the grounds, but amongst heavy woodland.













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