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St Nicholas Church, Canewdon. Feb 2019


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This place has always been an interest to me because of the amount of history and urban legends floating around. The Church gates are open during the day but locked over night as it is a popular place to go to try and get spooked and explore (I too did this as a kid). The church gates also closed every Halloween and guarded by police to keep people out as again it can attract a lot of different people for many different reasons.

Today I was in the area so just decided to have a look around, the church is a beautiful site and has some amazing views as it is on top of a hill. Despite this you can’t help but feel some eerie yet peaceful vibes. This is probably just because my knowledge of the history and how quiet it was.

“Canewdon, in Essex, has gained the reputation of being the most haunted place in the U.K. The village has been long associated with historic witches and witchcraft; as well as the occult and paranormal phenomena, which includes ghosts and much other unexplained activity.

The church (the 12th century Church of St. Nicholas) appears to be the focus of events and even has folk-lore attached to it – if you run round it three times in an anti-clockwise direction on Halloween, you will travel backwards in time. This has added to the reputation of the church being a portal to other dimensions.

Another part of the church’s folk-lore relates to the occult. Being a hotbed for witchcraft, it was claimed that any female novice seeking membership of the dark coven had to dance round the church twelve times at midnight; by doing so, she summoned the devil who appeared in order to perform her initiation into the sisterhood. Occult indeed.

Legends and witches have another twist here. If you see a stone fall from the church tower, you can be certain that a witch has died, but another has replaced her in her coven.”


“The 14th-century Parish Church of St Nicholas at the end of the village High Street stands on a ridge overlooking the River Crouch. Its impressive 15th-century tower, a landmark for many miles, is said to have been erected by Henry V following his victory at the Battle of Agincourt in France. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I the tower was used as a navigation point along the River Crouch. During the First World War the tower was used for observation and as a signalling post. The old village lock-up and stocks are located to the east of the church.”

Listed building: https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101147539-church-of-st-nicholas-canewdon#.XHwKYqSnyEc








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Didn't you get any internals? I thought this place was open to the public.

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