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Report - - St Peters Church, North Burlingham, Norfolk, 06.12.08 | Other Sites |

Report - St Peters Church, North Burlingham, Norfolk, 06.12.08

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Went up to scout for a location for a shoot this weekend, and so thought I would post the pictures of this lovely little location.


Access is super easy. It's near the A47 and getting to the place is as easy as crawling through a hedge. I think that the cottage next door actually owns the land the church is on now and I will be asking when I next go.


The place is a great mix of solidity and nature taking back. The church dates back to before 1500 when it had a rebuild, and the tower fell in in 1932 I believe, which led to the last of the congregation moving up to road to another church next door which remains very much in use to this day.


The place has been stripped bare long ago of all the nice features, but for the keen, or sad, some still remain :)


Inside the place has fantastic lighting. The roof is in a good state considering the lack of TLC and remains 99% in place, except where the tower fell through of course!





Sadly, the tombs and graves outside are, on the whole in a terrible state, with the tombs in the church laying broken and open. Before I fully realised this, I was picking through the rubble that covers the entire floor of the place looking at bits and pieces and began wondering quite how so many animal bones ended up all over the floor inside a church, before picking up a particularly chunky one and realising that these were probably not animal bones at all. A little indiana jones for my liking on my first trip out! They were put down swiftly and amens were said :/


So not a hugely comprehensive report but hopefully some interesting pics nonetheless :)