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Lead or Rumour info - st peters church stanley, wakefield , demolition plans


off the wall
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what a shame. its was a beautiful church.. had some quality features. Why on earth they demolish buildings like this is beyond me.
Glad i got to see it when i did.


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28DL Full Member
You'll be lucky, after the fire at St Faiths they put up grids over all the windows and re-did all the doors etc. I had another look last week just to add more to my archive but it was well locked up. It's a shame, but there's much more corruption around this decision than it appears on the surface.

jj north

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been past here this morning and the church has been flattened . 360 digger sat on a mound of stone is all that remains

Glad i got in for a mooch when i did

The Stig

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Bugger :(


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Going to be a Memorial Garden on the site now, according to the Demo team ?

We managed to get into the Twin Towers which were the only things still intact after Secca had gone ( awaiting Demo the next day) Fantastic spiral staircase and a foot deep in Pigeon crap. A blizzard hit as we came out and me & my mate fell into the Crypt that had loose rubble over it lol

Strange that i work in Stanley and never visited it before. My loss

Just managed a very rough Video if it"ll upload