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St.Peter’s - Gainford - July 2019


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I know this post is late, but it’s also my first one so bare with me.

In July, Myself and fellow user Brandon98, who has already posted a thread on this, went to St. Peter’s School. the history of this school is malicious and goes back to 1900’s.click for a video about the school.

The only buildings left standing are the gymnasium and the dormitories.

(above) the Dormitory building

(above) the gymnasium. the door that’s open doesn’t lead to anything much.

We went into the open door in the gym first. it led into highly cluttered room that’s filled with debris and pretty much nothing worth looking at. However, once you’re inside the actual gym it’s an entirely different story. The thing that sparked this post is that also went today (15th August) and i felt that i had to update on its status.
The gym is where you’ll find the graffiti that tells the story of St.Peter’s and the people who went there. The flooring in the gym itself has started caving in and you can feel the rot under your feet when you stand on it. All the paint is peeling off walls and there’s just a strange vibe throughout both buildings that you just can’t explain. Gym Equipment such as climbing bars are still there and pulled out. the stage has also started caving in.In the room on the left to the stage there’s a weird square hole where we think could possibly be a basement but you couldn’t pay me to go in there.

The dormitory building was next. since these pictures, the place has got a lot worse. there’s a big metal structure falling from the roof and the debris is absolutely everywhere. there’s glass shattered and you can tell that people have been in roughing the place up, there’s a bed now in one of the downstairs rooms and most of them are hard to navigate yourself in through the big concrete slabs on the floor.

Once you go up a flight of concreate stairs more graffiti about the past appears. the floors here are severely damaged, with huge holes stopping me, personally, from crossing the otherside into the rooms. the elevator is inaccessible but has graffiti on the door. I really wish the floor wasn’t so bad

that pretty much concludes both trips. I really want to go back and get across and see what i’ve been told is Mr.Byrnes room, and more of the 3rd floor which i also didn’t go to. I hope this wasn’t bad for a first post. and i recommend you go here if you’re local, because it’s a great place to look about and experience.

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Not a bad first effort!

Decent pics; in focus and well lit. Maybe a little to much focus on the graf but if thats all thats really there then cant be helped.

Could use a little history adding, I personally would remove those darker photos and keep the text all in one place at the top of the thread.

I dont know what camera you have but for those darker places you could try light painting but you'll need a tripod or just buy a much bigger torch.

Well done for getting out there! Now get out there again and explore something else!

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