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CALA Homes

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi to all Explorers

I can confirm that CALA Homes now owns the West site at St Peter's Hospital Chertsey.
This includes Haywood House, Bournewood House and Mortuary, along with all other buildings within the fenced off area and beyond.
The site boundary has been totally fenced off, and anybody found within this area is considered to be trespassing and the appropriate action with be taken, if fact if you have visited the site over the last month you have been photographed and videoed by CCTV and other cameras within the area. These are now with Surrey police, and are being identified and cross checked.
Warning note - Currently we have a Contractor on site that is dealing with live services, many remain open and live, so it is you best interest to stay away and not risk yours or anyone else's health.
This is a Health & Safety warning to all.
Kind Regards CALA Homes


Flaxenation of the G!!!
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generally these demanding type posts go down like a fart in a lift here! You will find the hundreds of youtubers and instagram kids arent even on the forums and are most likely the ones rinsing the place but good luck keeping them out :thumb

The Explorer Returns

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28DL Full Member
I agree with the last comment, unfortunately now that the site is out there people will continue to visit until the site is flattened, good luck keeping people out and I would like to note, hardly anyone from this forum will harm the buildings..but I suggest getting some security onsite 24/7 if you want to keep people out otherwise it will continue to be visited. Good luck


grumpy sod
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They need to do a better job of securing the site and sealing the way that people have actually been using to get on site then.

If you're that concerned, bring in some permanent security to deter the youths from damaging the place. Every single door into Hayworth is wide open for gods sake.


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I went for a look the other day. You could hear kids messing around inside Haywood house.
Once again, all doors are left open, people will go in for a look.The fencing has not lasted either. It always gets pulled down by the local youth. The cameras wont stop anyone from going in, trust me. 24/7 security is your best bet, still that wont stop everybody.


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28DL Full Member
That area has been left open and not fenced off for years, its only now that the bloody goontube have found it that it gets 'destroyed'.

Cctv end fencing however won't do much unfortunately.