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Report - St Peters Mortuary Chertsey Dec 2010


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This mortuary was built at the start of WWll. In 2009 it was closed and relocated to a more modern site closer to the hospital. This history is a bit brief but people know most of it.

Link to wiki page on the hosital.


I had heard about this site about a year after it closed and rushed to visit it as soon as i could. Entry then was really easy, i know for a fact that since this visit it has been secured properly because it was the victim of scrap metal hunters, who pinched one of the mortuary slabs.

When i visited the power was still onto to most of the building, and there was a cctv monitor still on, (no tapes, thank god, some clever previous explorer had removed them), and there was a chilling bleep occasionally, presumably to warn someone that the chillers were not at their optimum temperature.

Anyway. Onto the pics


What everyone wants to see! :)


A look down one of the drains on the slabs.


This is actually a picture of the slab that has since been stolen. Its such a shame these places are ruined by people who cant appreciate them for what they are, and have to ruin it for others.


A pneumatic hand drill bit for the various powered tools.


A weight conversion charts for the measuring of organs.


A row of body chillers.


A notice to staff about what to do if the cadaver is a child.


I got inside the chillers to get this shot!


A checklist for the surgeons.

Thanks for looking.
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