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Report - St Peters Mortuary, Chertsey - Oct 2017

Jaime Coles

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The mortuary, built in the 1940’s , is a small, rectangular building on the outskirts of the main Hospital site and closed in April 2009 when the mortuary relocated to the main hospital building. Inside, there’s a small chapel and viewing room with the rest of the building comprising of body fridges and the main autopsy room, originally with three ‘workstations’ but one has gone walkabouts! An interesting coffee table no doubt!

After reading so much about this place we finally decided to make the drive down.​

The Explore
As we walked up to the short path we saw the small slight of morgue that was left from the over growing weeds. Every single window we look at either side of the building was completely locked up. We found at the back there was a way. First thing we notice is the smell. Rotten.

There's not much in there any more both beds have been taken and its very flooded. There how ever still reminisces of most things in there. Its a same when a place like this deteriorates like this..


ASA Andrew

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I'm thinking of going for a look round this weekend coming.. is it easy to get inside ?
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Joking apart, it's a real shame how downhill this place went over the years. It was very small and perfectly formed back in its day. It would have been nice to see it gradually decay with nature. There seem to be a time about two years ago where idiots really wrecked the place. There's not much there now that would really show what the place was all about.


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Genuinely staggered that this place is still standing!
The little light on the outside is now functioning again so not all doom and gloom :rolleyes: Hopefully not powered from the building itself...


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judging by recent pics etc, the way in is over the top from the roof. However, this place is way past interesting now...


grumpy sod
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I'm surprised the leet top official UK umbex crews haven't swarmed all over the place being a mortuary and 'eerie'