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Report - St Peter's mortuary - Chertsey (October 2014)


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So here what I got on my quick visit to the St Peter's Hospital old mortuary.

First of all, a little bit of history about the place:

The mortuary, built in the 1940′s, is a small, rectangular building on the outskirts of the main Hospital site and closed in April 2009 when the mortuary relocated to the main hospital building. Inside, there’s a small chapel and viewing room with the rest of the building comprising of body fridges and the main autopsy room.

I went alone and the explore was no problem. The place is small and is quite trashed/flooded, luckily there are still two of the slabs and... well, that made it worth for me to be honest. The small chapel was too small for my 50mm so the picture is taken from the room on the side, which I guess is where they put the body so the people could see it through that glass.

As I said... the place was quite small so I haven't took a lot of pictures :errr: Hope you like them ;)











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Nicely photographed mate,looks like the hospital have just given up with the place!


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My god. First someone takes the fridge doors in one room and now half the handles are taken in another? This place has 'deteriorated' so rapidly in the last year.


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It was... All fucked, at least as far as I could compare it with the reports that I have seen lately :banghead


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Nice ones mate :thumb

I went last week and came across some dudes doing a Torchwood-esque Film Shoot inside, with 2 of them in full Cybermen gear laid out on the slabs......WTF????

Had to keep moving about to keep out of each others shots but didn"t want their pics taken ?

I was hoping Secca would come in to see their reaction but it seems as they had lost a "Patient" from the Hospital they were busy elsewhere. I only saw 2 worried Doctors who drove up to me outside the Mortuary and said to ring the Police if i saw said patient and not to approach :eek: as i went into the building :)


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I've imagined something like that when I saw the amount of fake blood stains :popcorn But mate, the whole story with the run-away patient is even better :popcorn:popcorn:popcorn :laugh

Will Knot

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Decent pics there mate :) Nice report......thanks for sharin' :thumb

.......went in myself a few weeks back ;)......only when I got back to the car did I realise i'd left my flippin' keys on the key rack in there!!! :eek:


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Nice shots! :thumb

That "you are not locked in" sign is interesting. Can't imagine the door slamming behind you in a mortuary fridge is much fun.


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Getting locked in there... no jokes, even if it's empty :laugh Maybe it was just a ray of hope for the dead bodies :D