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Report - St Peter's Mortuary, Chertsey, Surry - February 2015

Freddie Valentine

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28DL Full Member
This place has been done to death. No pun intended. So I won't bore you with another history of the site.

Anyway, on a cold, crisp and sunny February morning, I set out to Chertsey.

I had actually intended to see Silverlands Orphenage. But having got into the premises (which was a task in itself), I couldn't find a way into the building. Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough. I spent about an hour walking around the building, down in a tight tunnel and then up on the roof but to no avail. I did a pretty good job of ripping my ear lobe open on a bramble however. That was cool. I guess.

I digress. So I eventually found St Peter's Mortuary. Access was simple. It looked like somebody had gone to town with some fake blood splattered up some of the walls or used to scrawl "terrifying" messages. I'll admit, I was terrified; by some of the grammar and spelling.

I got some shots. Here they are. Enjoy.












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28DL Full Member
I went there couple of weeks ago. Shame about the 'blood' writing on the walls - wasn't there then. Some good different pictures. I must put my report up.


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28DL Full Member
Hello I visited here last Saturday was a great little adventure, searched more of the area and found so much more derelict buildings. Was great for the first adventure!!


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I like the sign on the door about not getting locked in, I guess you would always have some n00b working there back in the day that would hear it slam at home time and imagine being locked in with Mr & Mrs. Doe all night....