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Report - St. Peters Mortuary. Jan 18


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Only a short history as nothing new to most people (except the decline of it), but a first visit for ourselves.

St. Peters was initially built to house casualties of the second world war. The mortuary was built in the 1940's but after much development of the hospital it was decided that the site was too small to cope with the increase of bodies, so in April 2009, the mortuary was closed and moved to the new site in the main hospital.

The explore

Towards the end of a days driving all over exploring places, myself and @anonurbex stopped here for a few pics. After a short walk around the building and finding a slightly tight entry around the back we found ourselves in a very derelict/vandalized mortuary. Seeing it as it is now compared to the pics I've seen of it in its prime are kind of heartbreaking. The tables have long gone as it most of everything else. To my surprise, the body fridge doors are still up so at least that mean't a few half decent shots, including a "body in fridge" shot which i was bet against doing haha!!!!!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics of a very trashed place that probably isn't long for this world.



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Went in here the other day and the whole place is messed up. Looked like there was people living there. Would defiantly not recommend visiting.