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Report - St Peters Mortuary - Surrey - Sept 2012


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St. Peters Hospital was initially built to house the casualties of the Second World War. The mortuary was built in the 1940’s, but after much redevelopment it was decided that the site was too small to cope with the increase of bodies. So, in April 2009 the mortuary closed and moved to the new building which is now central to the main hospital.

Visited here with MarkyMark, InnercityRob and Evil Genius Big thanks to Wevsky for giving us the heads up on this one. Apparently it was well sealed for some time so we took the opportunity to visit while we were in the area. When we got inside we met 4 other explorers, one lady dressed in a nurses uniform, ooh err! Sorry I didn't catch any of your names so would be interested to hear if you're members on here. We also bumped into Troglodyte as we were leaving, good to finally meet you mate!!

This was a really nice relaxed explore and my first mortuary. It's in pretty good condition and the slabs still have a working water supply. Tried to do something a little different with my pictures so I hope you like them.






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