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Report - St. Peter's Seminary - July 2012


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
These are some of the photos from our explore on 1st July. Every time you read a report on this building, there is always another composition that you have not seen. Hopefully I have added something different...

Going over the old bridge

Bridge graffiti

Sand stone detail of the old bridge

The scale of the place is becoming apparent


A brilliant Baphomet, conveniently over-looking the high alter

A view from the high alter

Another view from the alter


Some wee ned has ruined this fine work by putting speech bubbles on it

A view of the alter from under where the organ used to be

The alter from the body of the hall




There is a nice light & colour from within the building







The place seems cleared up a bit from some other earlier reports I've saw on youtube. Allegedly the site has been granted £500,000 for improvement.


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