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Report - St. Regis Paper Mill, Monmouthshire - December 2015


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Visited with @Mobutu and a Non-Member.

After several failed attempts of trying to gain access into the building and over a year of monitoring and waiting, we finally got inside of this seemingly large structure that lies just a couple of hundred yards away from the new Severn Bridge. Unfortunately for us, we were quite a few years too late considering the majority of the site was demolished back in 2009 - however the remains still turned out to be quite an interesting explore. This place had only been reported on three times before on this site and, as you'd expect, the place has taken a relatively significant turn for the worse since then - the last report being from December 2008 which can be found here: (http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/st-regis-paper-mill-sudbrook-24-12-08.t35639).

History is pretty hard to find on this place, but here goes..

"St. Regis Paper Mill in Sudbrook was constructed during the 1960s and was a specialist in producing paper and packaging for the fruit and vegetables industry. After standing for more than 50 years, the site was officially shut down in 2006 and had large parts of it demolished just three years later in 2009."

Unfortunately that's all I can find, however what I do know is that there are plans for the remaining structures to be knocked down within the next few years to make way for even more houses. Anyway, onto the photos:




Thanks for looking!


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28DL Full Member
Have you gents made it to the cable works yet? It's better, easier and closer than this place :p
No we haven't mate, I think I've been slightly put off by that mad security guard haha - we might have to go up and have another look though soon, would definitely be an interesting trip by the seems of things :rolleyes:

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