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Report - St Saviours, Cumbria - Oct 2011

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Visited with Catbalou, magpie423, Nic81 and Myself. I dont want to put this in public section due to the mint condition of the place.
Whilst out and about trying to find a place right in the heart of Cumbria a few turnings here and there we got lost like you normally do in the Lake District thanks to the sat nav, but it wasnt a total wasted day as we stubbled across a small small SMALL church in the middle of no where, and I mean in the middle of no where, and when I say in the middle of no where. Last used, I came across a plaque on a wall dated 2001 but after that who knows? Got home and tried to do some digging around and research on the place who or what and why, I just could find anything. Im still trying to find out the name of the place we was in.
Anyway enough waffling :p








Thanks for looking
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