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Report - St Senans Asylum, Enniscorthy, 2016


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2011, myself and a few others wandered into the grounds of this beauty. Only to realise - it wasn't closed yet, despite the Irish Lunacy Board (or whatever they are called) recommending it for closure years earlier. 2013, we arrived back on the next Irish Road Trip and sent one of our flock into the place to ask what the deal was. "A stay of execution" is what the deal was. Another piece of frustration. :mad:

2016, my work sent me to Ireland for a conference. I decided to meet with Irishmanlost for a short road trip over two/three days. This place was once again high on the agenda.


Arriving in the dead of night, we could hear a problem from a mile off - where we parked the car. The alarm was screaming and was showing no signs of stopping. Undeterred, we continued making our way quietly around the exterior of the building

t took some time to sink in, but it slowly became obvious that no-one was giving the alarm a second thought. To be honest, when we realised - it was like hitting the jackpot. Not only did we not have to worry about setting the alarm off :up: , but we didnt have to worry about making any noise whatsoever. In fact we had to shout to be heard once you got within a few hundred metres of the building. >:D

To cut a long story short - I shouted to Pete - "we didnt get dressed up for nothing" ... and in we went through a crazily insecure entrance. Thanks guys - could you have made the night any simpler.

What an explore it was, the power was on, and there were things everywhere. From Records to Crazy Laughing Jebus.

2. Welcome to my humble abode....

3. Books

5. Corridors

6. Such bland Corridors

7. Looking back to the main entrance

It was getting late by this point and we had wandered throughout the place. At this point we decided that if its this easy - lets go to another explore close-by, then come back in the daylight. That didn't go to plan .... we went to the car, fell asleep, then came back in the daylight ::D

In the daylight we chose to park literally on the driveway, wandered up, waited until a little old lady had left the grounds, then straight back into our entrance from the night before. First things first .... as per the usual on a Road Trip - was to use the facilities :D and how clean they were.... loo roll and everything :up:

8. Front of the Asylum

9. Really Like this out the window shot

10. Trolley Dolly

11. Original Dining Hall with strange corridor built through out

12. Piano - note the sign above - Museum. The only locked door in the place sadly.

13. Crazy Flooring :)

14. Beautiful Reception Area

15. Stairs into the belly of the beast

16. Small Dining Room

17. Wards and Chairs

18. Decay

By this time, we needed to think about moving to our next site, so we made a calm and orderly retreat out the way we came in. Stopping for a few last pics on the way.

19. Swings

And one last parting shot.

Hope you enjoy folks, absolutely beautiful on the outside but very functional on the inside. Still an amazing explore.



Xexxa the grey
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Certainly interesting floors in that place!


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28DL Full Member
I can't believe noone even bothered mate. Was great to wander around though. Did anyone ever get into the museum room before it got emptied?