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Report - St Thomas Hospital London, May 2015


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So im a 16 year old boy who as most others is bored to hell with life and decided he needed to go and do something that would exite him a little more than playing video games or surfing the web all day. Its ironic that i accidentally came across this place on the web and i have to say i am so happy i did, this is the 5th i have visited it with my friends and i have still not seen all there is on offer. Access is easy for anyone who can do a little parkour (I've been told not to reveal entry points so sorry) and once you're in its a delightful place. Unfortunatley i dont know much history of the building itself but its is right next to St Thomas Hospital in London which is incredibly busy (we got scared every time we heard sirens from the hospital thinking they were police.) It seems that this is an abandoned wing of the hospital that from what i have heard was damaged in the second world war although it looks quite modern so i wouldnt be so sure. Anyway, here are some pictures from inside and a couple of the most incredible view i have seen in a long while.

View from the top of the tower (have to climb several ladders to get up there


The tower

Large empty room


Jail cells?? Perhaps for the insane?

Made sure to wash my hands before i left, it is a hospital after all

Eerily beautiful curtains

Hanging Around

More hanging

Didnt go in there, the floor had completely rotted away

Operating theatre??

Thanks for reading:) this was my first explore and i hope to see many more places.. if anyone ever wants to team up please message, haven't had much luck finding anything alone, thank you :)


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Think you may want to have a look at the report preview, we can't see a lot
should this not be in another part of the forum ;)


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This is the (my) old medical school. Those were animal cages for animal research, that was a practical demonstrations lab for various physiology experiments. Is this now for the public section?


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Possible to move to public now? People have had a chance to see it and now there's workman on site :thumb

Nice one for getting in, did you see the tunnels and the rat livers in test tubes? :p


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Yes workers on site and security more active than before, not to mention police on site as well. Still doable though, wouldn't have moved it personally as the chances of getting in now are already slimmer than before