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Report - St Winifred's Care Home-Dec '10


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Hey there, all!
Firstly, I would like to apologize for the rather poor picture quality on most of these. No tripod, fog, uneven floors and dodging dripping water doesn't make for a very pretty report :(

The place was completely and utterly trashed, unfortunately. Only able to access one building due to Asbestos warnings on the others and they were well sealed. The leaks in some places were so bad, that the roof tiles had collapsed into the water, dissolved and stuck on my shoe >.<

Thanks to VWDirtyboy for allowing me to use his history, much appreciated

The hospital was built in 1938 in the art deco style in the grounds of a classic Victorian villa called the Linden's which was built around 1870. The two buildings are joined by the addition of a second story walkway into a marble encrusted chapel built directly onto the gable of the Victorian villa.. all in all a very strange piece of architecture!

According to information gleamed from google the hospital was used mainly for receiving, treating and rehabilitating wounded Welsh servicemen from WW2, it continued this until 1947. For the next sixty years until closure the hospital was used by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary where they ran a nursing home for the elderly.

On to the pictures,









This is an example of how bad it is :/

And I leave you with some light painting from the chapel :)

Thanks for looking,