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Report - Staff quarters; Surrey; Oct 17

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Staff house/quarters.

This house/accommodation does not have loads of history. But what I did find out was rather shocking. The house used to be owned by a large company chain. The staff used this as in house accommodation. From the very little I could find, this sleepy little gem, in great surroundings was to become a murder scene and suicide house. It is believed that one man attacked another man for an affair with his partner. The murderer then committed suicide . Locals walking dogs were helpful in helping me find the house. Very overgrown and boarded in places. This huge house was a maze of rooms and bathrooms, showers and toilets.

The Explore

I knew roughly where I was heading, and found myself wandering a woodland path to nowhere. It was warm today and as I walked I met several dog walkers, I thought Id ask if they knew the place I was searching for. They pointed me in the right direction and didnt bat an eye lid. Very novel. But also very good.
The house was impressive looking from outside. Inside was a maze or corridors and rooms. lofts & cellars.

So onto my latest topside derp



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