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Report - Stafford County Lunatic Asylum (St George's Hospital), February 2011


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The Stafford County Lunatic Asylum was founded in 1818 on Corporation Street, in 1896 Kelly's directory described it as:

"A very extensive building of brick, with projecting wings, and is appropriated solely for the reception of pauper lunatics. A large detached wing was added to the south-eastern side in 1879 to hold about 90 patients, and in 1884 the building was further enlarged on the north-western side at a cost of about £40,000. The new additions including workshops and bakeries. The Asylum will now hold about 870 persons."



The elegant red brick façade expands over 350 metres in length overlooking the town of Stafford from an elevated vantage point on a hill.


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[6] & [7]

During the 1950's the Asylum was renamed St George's Hospital. Suicide cages were erected in the stairwells after a female patient threw herself off from the fourth floor and landed nearby reception.


[9] & [10]


As the hospital was closed in 1995, 145 long term patients who had lived at the asylum most of their lives were re-located into the surrounding 'community'. The long abandoned hospital has been left to decay for over 20 years and has severely suffered at the hands of vandals.

The derelict buildings including unique features such as the chapel and water tower have been grade II listed and in the future will house over 100 dwellings.

[12] & [13]

Had this on my list for a month or so since seeing Dweeb's excellent report, so headed over on one rather wet weekend. Since the fires its quite apparent that they want to keep people out of this place as every little hole (in both fences) seems to have had regular upkeep to fix any holes (including any gaps at the bottom of the fence!), this seems to be somewhat too-little-too-late after two extensive fires.

Sadly we did not manage to track down the basement which has illuded us like most people and also the chaple did not seem accessible.

Visited with Andy and WIMR.

Full gallery HERE


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I did a lot of work on St. George's back in the mid/late 80.s. It was still all open with a lot of patients. Very unnerving being led through the lockdown wards.
We (seddon) did a lot of plastering and rendering work all over the whole site. I recognise a few places but too much time and alcohol have passed. I know I went in 1 or 2 basements but no idea where they were now.

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