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General - Staffordshire Royal Infirmary-Jan 14 -2018

Urban Savage

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28DL Member
Initially Skeptical about heading here as heard some conflicting reports, but went ahead anyway, drove from Birmingham to the site. As we approached we gathered how big it was and and a plan to get in where we thought would be best, but were spotted and followed by security in a white transit.After giving them the slip and circling back on our selves we bumped into a group of lads keeping watch for their pals, they told us a way in and we followed their directions and gained access.

We got in and descended some stairs and found ourselves in one of the wards, from there we carried on through taking shots as we went using a torch to give some light, even though it was daytime the light was still low.

After walking around for about 15 mins we came across the 'Theatre" with full functioning operating lights and x-ray boards, needless to say this was an epic find with great potential for a shoot.

We moved on from there and while trying to find the entrance we stumbled upon the chapel of rest, all the seats in rows, organ in place with a song book on it.

after some tasty shots in here we found the entrance hall we were looking for, and managed to find some power and got some awesome photos there too, we spent a good 3/4 hours in here with no security or disturbances, but upon leaving bumped into the guard we spotted following us earlier that day.