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Report - Stahlwerk M - Germany (May 2019, February 2020)


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After our last trip to Kraftwerk Union, we have decided to clear out some more locations that were on our bucket list and complete our photo albums of this location. We've visited this place in 2019 but unfortunately, we have missed the control room in the power plant and all the compressors, so a revisit was in order. We knew that the demolition has already started but we were hoping for the best.

Some history:
Large steelworks closed in 2002. The steelworks sported a conventional blast furnace and its own mines - not much left of either of those. The history of mining and steelmaking in the area begins in the mid-1800s. At the end of the 1800s, a Thomas steel mill was put into operation. During WW2 Polish POWs were forced to work there under inhumane conditions. The CEO was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in the Nuremberg trials. After the war, a tube rolling mill was put into operation nearby. In the 1970s an OBM converter was put into operation and the Thomas steel mill was converted into an OBM plant as well. Then a period of general struggles followed and at the end of the 1980s, the plant went bankrupt for the first time. Then the plant was restarted but at the end of the 1990s it was forced to file for bankruptcy again and it never recovered. The furnace has been stopped in 2002 like the rest of the steel mill. Other parts of the company were sold to other companies and some of them operate even now.

Our explore:
As I've said earlier, we have already visited this place in May 2019 but we did not have much light left and had to hurry. This time we've left more time in reserve but have surely missed some of the industrial goodness hidden all over the area. The steelworks have been in demolition for quite some time now, even in 2019 most of the halls were empty and the not empty ones by the rails were inaccessible, but now the demolition has begun in earnest and the area is quite active. The power plant has been stripped from the outside and on the inside, the demolition has begun as well. Unfortunately, the control room we wanted to see has been scrapped already. The turbine hall with Siemens turbines is still there, fortunately. The building with compressors is still there and the compressors inside are still there as well. In summary, if you were planning to visit this place, the time to visit is now, while at least some good parts are still standing.

The photos will be divided into our 2019 visit and our 2020 visit. Please excuse the edit.



Water treatment stuff next to the power plant




Random machines and pipes on the ground floor



More machinery in the first floor


Sunset on the top of the boilers



The not-dismantled turbine in the turbine hall. Behind it is another one, half dismantled



The accessible part of steelworks. We did not find the way down where some stuff was left.



Some sexy vintage control panels in the waterworks or whatever this is.


More large tanks in green


Green steam-powered BBC compressor



Another steam-driven BBC compressor with a nice control panel





A different hall


The same turbine from 2019 from the other side, still there.



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Another cracking report. Shame re the control room, but the turbines & compressors are pretty impressive :thumb


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Excellent, I didn't realise so much was still there, we spent about 7hrs roaming around here a few years back, one on my fav places I've explored. Some great pics there mate.
Wish I knew about this place a few years back, the steelworks piss me off the most. Gotta go visit heavy metal one last time this summer