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Report - Stamford Shoe Works - South Wigston - Leicestershire - Feb 2014


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I have passed this building for many years knowing it was empty and inevitably be regenerated for flats. i had scoped it out a couple of times but entry points were covered heavily with overgrowth and as it is on a busy side street entry would have taken a while and been noticeable.
Thankfully the builders had done all the work for me externally, so a short break in the traffic and a quick leap of a 5.5ft wall and i had reached my goal.

The history available on this building and the shoe company is scarce online, but it seems the industry took up presence in the late 19th century to cope with the need for mass production.


the building currently with scaffolding ready for refit, the building is in the conservation area of south wigston and will be kept the same due to planning apps stating this and the signage will stay


the internals are devoid of any industrial remanants, it seems the building was in use till the 80s so all old stuff is pretty much gone apart from the structure


the main internal structure shows sign of change, some steel beans seem to have gone and left the retaining holes visible


one of the only old things left, a lovely fireplace runs straight up to the chimney in the center of the structure


on the same level over a small walkway a room showing signs of renovation already


beyond the no floor room a small office that overlooks the road


upstairs is similar with not much left, strangely the roof structure is not as ornate as the pillars on the ground floor


the basement which i did not enter, but again with ornate pillars

Thanks for looking Paul
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