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Report - Standedge Tunnels, Diggle, July 2011


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Standedge Tunnels

The Standedge Tunnels (Standedge is normally pronounced Stannige) are four parallel tunnels that run beneath the Pennines at the traditional Standedge crossing point between Marsden and Diggle, on the edges of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

There are three railway tunnels and a canal tunnel (on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal). The canal tunnel is the longest and oldest of the tunnels, (digging commenced july 1795 and was completed on 26 March 1811 at a cost of £160,000). The Tunnel is the longest, deepest and highest canal tunnel in Britain. It is (16,499 ft) long, (636 ft) underground at the deepest point, (643 ft) above sea level) and holds the record as the longest and highest canal tunnel in Britain because of these amazing stats. in comparison the train tunnels are 3 miles and 57 yars long. All four tunnels are linked by cross-tunnels or adits at strategic locations within the tunnels. The adits allowed the railway tunnels to be built much more quickly by allowing 'waste spoil' to be removed by boat and reducing the need for shafts for construction.

Of the railway tunnels, only the tunnel built in 1894 is currently used for rail traffic. Closed in 1943, the canal tunnel was re-opened in May 2001

Visited with Oli636 and KailF8​

It was a hell of a long walk with dripping wet feet, but well worth it. :thumb All i could think about was the scene from Ghostbuster 2 (where theyre exploring the Newyork underground for the pink ooze, I couldn't help but frequently look over my shoulder incase a ghost train should come floating along ;)











Thanks for looking :thumb