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Report - Standish Viaduct - Bridge Swing 2012.

The Kwan

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Thanks for the link Mike, I was with Stonemonkey and Agent smith and kev this weekend who are just the men in the know tor a swing, you should come along as they are hoping to sort one in the near-ish future.
Cheers stu..have we got room for lavino if it happens :) ...thanks for the youtube link

Doh, I thought this was a private conversation, sorry mike and Stu (stonemonkey)...I need to learn the internet.
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Sounds good to me, the more the merrier, im no expert by the way but we get bye with what gear we have.
Standish looks a nicer location for piss up/doss down than the place we use but......... wherever everyone prefers.

Dont have to wait till summer tho :D

Choo Choo m8ty

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That would lead to some cracking pics lol...

Choo Choo m8ty

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Omfg the image I just had is gunna give me bloody knightmares for ages lol. Thanks for that

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