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Report - Stanford Hall, Nottinghamshire - February 2015


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Stanford Hall is a large 18th century, grade II listed country house in the UK. Since being used as a private residence the house has had a couple of different uses which have unfortunately removed a lot of the buildings splendour. A number of failed redevelopment projects were started, and recently a planning application has been approved to develop the building into a Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre.

An extension added an impressive Art Deco theatre in the 1930s which still remains in perfect condition. Murals decorate the walls and the ceiling features painted clouds. A Wurlitzer organ is built into the orchestra pit.

1. Rear elevation

Our visit

Spider Monkey and I had noticed this place was unoccupied so thought we would go and check it out. Although the place has lost a lot of its grandeur over the years and the failed developments have further detracted, the building is still very impressive. The theatre was my personal highlight. Sadly, I understand the theatre will be pulled down.

2. Sunburst into grand room

3. Fireplace and elegance

4. More grand rooms

5. The "Kitkat" room

6. Top of the stairs

7. Looking down the stairs

8. Staircase and fireplace

9. Theatre lobby

10. The stunning theatre

11. In the aisle of the theatre

12. Looking back

13. Wurlitzer Organ

14. Safety curtain with depiction of the hall

15. Original 1930s Brenkert Master Brenograph projector

16. Projector detail

17. Spotlight and record player

18. Film reel room

19. Film reels

20. Entrance hall

21. Ballroom

22. Ballroom

23. Wood panelled room

24. Bedroom

25. Bedroom

26. Grand room upstairs

27. Marble bathroom

28. Squash courts

29. Front of the house

30. Back of the huge property


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Don't panic - it's Grad II listed, the redevelopment will be sympathetic and give the old gal a purpose again :)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
excellent pictures especially the theatre with wurlitzer organ unfortunatly the projectors have gone and all thats left is a spot light and brenograph effects projector thanks for sharing


28DL Member
28DL Member
Great pictures, I worked on lots of shows in the theatre for many years (from the late 80s until it closed in 2004), the theatre interior specifically forms part of the grade 2* listing so highly unlikely that it will be demolished. My understanding is that many of the CoOp alterations done in the 60s/70s are being removed (including the tacky theatre foyer). The Stanford Hall Users Group are still hopeful that the theatre can be re-opened at some point in the future.

I had heard that the GB Magnus projectors had gone which is a shame though, they were used for film shows up until the early 2000s. I don't suppose you took any pictures backstage?


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