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Report - Stanley Cotton Mill 06/2011



After leaving our first epic fail of the day we drove to stanley mills .I first saw this fantastic mill on 28 cant remember who did the report,we didnt intend on getting permission here but we couldnt find a way in we gained part entry and then hit total lock down so how the other guys did it is beyond me or maybe security has been increased since their visit.....

On our way out of the mill car park Host noticed a guy working in the mill opposite so we stopped and told him our situation, when he was told we drove from Manchester he said he would let us in for half hour .....

Stanley Mill is grade 1 listed woolen mill located in the village of Stonehouse. Work started on the mill in 1812 and was completed in 1813. It remained in use until 1989 when the majority of the mill was closed down. Given its listed status English Heritage have worked with the current owners to ensure the building does not fall into disrepair.The Mill is now being converted into apartments and all the machinery has to be moved im not sure if it will be saved or scrapped so if you wish to see it id get down there quick sharp its open to the public on Sundays ....
















The ground floor...






Thanks for looking Oldskool...........​