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Report - Stanley Dock Hydraulic/Accumulator Tower (Night Visit) - Liverpool - Aug -2011 -


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its been over 2 yrs since i last visited this complex with wimr and the mule,i was in the area with the mule having a little mooch in your dockz ,we cut that short after a close call with a very large ship creeping up on us into a certain dock area and lighting the whole place up with its flood lights....what we came to see wasnt much anyway so we decided to have a little scoot up the hydraulic tower for old times sake before we departed for the night.

tbh we picked a bad night to go out ,heavy rain and strong winds all round ,but standing on the bascule bridge debating shall we sharnt we...go up ,can we be arsed,shall we come back when its better weather.

i made the first move to the tower swiftly followed by the mule (AKA the yorkshire ripper), not knowing if this place was sealed with the recent activity its had with the likes of hollyoaks and captain america being filmed here...we soon found ourselves in the ruined engine house at the base of the tower gazing at the lovely spiral sandstone staircase which was about to get up top.

anyone thinking of having a go at this in the dark please be aware at the top is a large hole with a very high drop through the middle of the tower right down to the bottom...i almost forgot about it myself a few times

a bit of history

The hydraulic tower was built in around 1852-55. Built from granite blocks, the octagonal tower housed a large accumulator, designed to store water under pressure. This water was then used to supply hydraulic power to capstans, lifting machinery and presses around the dock. The tower was adjoined by a pump house, built from brick with a tall chimney. Here a stationary steam engine powered a pump to keep the accumulator charged. Today the pump house is little more than a ruin, although the accumulator tower remains virtually intact.

visited with the mule

most people think looking at the tower from street side that it starts from the top of the wall,it doesnt it starts from street level.


lovely sandstone stairs

the mule


looking down from near the top

turret on the top...decoration purposes only

a few views...bit tricky really with the wind and trying to get a tripod open between the gaps






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