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Report - Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse (Liverpool, Sept, 2017)


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The Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse and the smaller South Warehouse alongside are currently being converted into apartments by Harcourt (what was the North Warehouse is now the Titanic Hotel). These warehouses are a well known feature of the Liverpool docks - see previous posts or wikipedia for the history. We first had a quick explore to see what was going on about this time last year, at which stage one part of the Tobacco warehouse was hollowed out, with a crane in the middle of the large rectangular hole. I recently went back to see what progress has been made, so this is by way of an update.

Externals taken some time later since the front was covered in scaffold at the time while new window openings were being cut.

Visit: Went in just before sunrise and climbed to the top of the larger building to take in the views. It was drizzling on and off.

There are now two large holes (lightwells for apartments) with a crane in each.

Some cladding inside one the holes.

Wandered down to check out the partly installed windows - the fairly weighty double-glazed units shown on the right.

And the aluminium studwork..

..and what are presumably the holes for split-level apartments.

Took in views of some local explores en route (Stanley and Bramley-Moore hydraulic towers on the left, Victoria clock tower on the right).

Also the new Titanic Hotel opposite.

The sun was coming out now so headed over to the smaller (and rather nicer) older building - the one with curved corners.

A couple of inside views - some partitioning is going on over here as well.

Some outside details.

Then up to the top to admire some pretty puddles where the roof was missing

On the way down a few items including the old ledgers mentioned in a previous post - surprised they are still there.

Finally headed out via the old grain silo with the Sargent Pepper mural, demolition apparently in progress.

Apologies for quality of the photos - not really my thing - but I would encourage anyone going through Liverpool to have a look round these places before they are completely developed. A nice easy explore to start the day!
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Stayed at thebposh hotel oppersite this place couple of times and seen the work that's going on there. Well done in getting in there and thanks for sharing


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Nice work, its great to see them finally doing something with this place. I'm glad i got to do it before any of this work started.


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Clever way to make use of an otherwise unconvertable building.
Thanks for the update, interesting stuff

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Think security or whoever owns this place has just give up on keeping people out. Insane amounts of people have explored this place even while workers are still inside... good update


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Clock tower? Actually it hasn't changed that much apart from a bit more partitioning and cladding and a few more windows. Here is one from this morning:

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Wow excellent explore and love the photos, especially the ones of the staircases, you really managed to do the whole thing! I went to have a look at this but it was during the day and a lot of work was going on, and although I got into the grounds on the far side fairly easily couldn't see any way inside, will put the photos up anyway when I get the chance