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Report - Stanton Iron Foundry, Ilkeston 22/06/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Rigsby.

I love the smell of heavy industry in the morning....and the morning it was...6am to be precise. We hadn't gone to bed yet because of driving straight up from London the night before. I'm still not convinced this was not the cause of an on-going Rookinella lung problem because the dust and shit that we must have breathed in whilst exploring can't have been good. You know when your mouth feels gritty and earthen?

Anyway, it was an amazing place and so big. It reminded me of Beringen because of the tracks on the ground and the colours of the machines. It's due to be demolished any day now so I'd suggest getting your skates on if you want to see it. Cheers to Shadow for the info!

Here's the photos:






























Tony S

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I'm an ex Stantonian.

I thought I'd list what the kit is that you were looking at

1. Pipe annealing stove. Pipes are heated to make the iron ductile
2. De-carburising shaking ladle frames and fume extract hoods
3. Hot blast main feeding hot air to the cupola twyres
4. Hot metal transfer bogie track, the electric furnace switch room is to the left
5. Hallam casting machine, the wet spray lance is to the left, the casting trough to the right
6. Hallam casting machine
7. Hydraulic valve manifold. That one never worked in the 12 years I was there
8. Pipe rotate guard
9. Pipe annealing stove
10. Visitors walk-way
11. Visitors walk-way, the stove is to the centre, Demag crane track to the right
12. Pipe tilters. Pipes are cast horizontally and then up-ended to go in to the stove. I re-designed the control program for these beasts
13. Inside the casting machine. The pipe mould would rotate on the rollers. I slipped and tried head-butting one of the rollers, it hurt :banghead
14. Slag pans
15. Storage point for specialised slings
16. Shaking ladle frame control and additives control panels
17. Control desk, what’s left of it
18. Shaking ladle frame control panel
19. The dreaded clocking on machine
20. Melting plant main shop
21. Hose storage racks
22. Combustion chamber gas burner control panel
23. ;)
24. Bottom of the additives bunkers
25. ;)
26. Side of the combustion chamber
27. Melting plant main shop
28. Stock ground cranes and the dispatch conveyor. These cranes picked up 8 Tonne pipes by vacuum
29. I’ll say nothing