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Report - Star Crossing disused station, NE Wales - 2007

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Seeing as this is quite local to me, and needing disused railways for a film, I took a trip last year to find this disused station near Rhydymwyn in NE Wales. The station was on the old Denbigh to Mold line, and was closed in the 60's. But because the site is a bit out in the sticks, it's never been built on. I was pleased to find the shape of the station was still there, with both platforms still intact. The wooden waiting room is still in remarkable condition, seeing as it's been out in all weathers unprotected for 40 years.

For anyone who wants to take a look, the station's a matter of yards from the road, the A541, about 20 yards from the crossroads. The station house on the crossroads is now a resedential house, but is seperated from the station by foliage. From the road, you need to walk through some mild undergrowth, then go up a small bank. The station's on the other side of the bank, and so can't be seen from the road.

Flash Earth co-ordinates -

53' 12' 4.8" N
3' 14' 6.9" W






U10694....I've just returned from a trek into the undergrowth along the old track bed, and can happily report that I found everything you mentioned, still sitting there rusting away in the bushes! The location is about 150 yards from the main road, along the track bed, going towards Rhydymwyn. It's actually on the Rhydymwyn side of Synthite works, not the Mold side. On the Mold side, you immediately hit a football pitch (used to be Mold Alex's home ground, not sure if it still is), and then you're almost into Mold. I think you can trace the track bed on this side of Synthite, as there's a small path which seems to follow the course of the track bed on its way towards Tesco's in Mold, which I'm sure is where the station used to be.

Anyway, I found quite a bit of small guage track still in position, with all sorts of small trucks and bits of railway engineering rusting away. But the best find was the locomotive, standing on a section of full size guage, surrounded by trees (first 2 pics).

Either side of the track bed are farmer's fields, fenced off, so I'm guessing you're not tresspassing on their land if you're on the track bed. You can access the track bed from a gap in the fence at the side of the main road, so you never have to step foot in their fields at all.

Anyway, I took some pics while I was there -











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does anyone know if any of this still exists, looks quite interesting a google maps still shows it here, going to have a look probably by the end of the year