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Report - Star Paper Mill Blackburn Dec 2015


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Star Paper Mill/Sappi Paper Mill,



Jan 2016

Visited with Mr pink


The former Star Paper Mill, Feniscowles, closed on the 12th November 2008 after more than a century of paper making.It opened in 1875 replacing the earlier Roddlesworth Paper Mill at Abbey Village which was built in 1845.The machines from Roddlesworth were transferred to the new site.

W and J Yates (later Foster, Yates and Thom) supplied a pair of compound tandem engines and production began. Two paper machines were operational by 1878.

Extensions in 1881-3 allowed for a further Yates tandem horizontal engine and an additional paper machine. Two more paper machines were installed in 1887 and 1893. The latter was 143" wide and reputed to be the the largest in the UK. The paper machines had their own individual enclosed steam engines.

From the 1880's electricity was produced on site to light the works.

The original raw materials were rags, esparto grass and straw, with wood pulp being introduced in the 1890's. Raw materials and coal were transported from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal by two tramroads using endless wire ropes.

Products included newsprint, wallpapers (after 1897), cartridge and packing papers.

We have been round most of this site over a number of years now and is slowly disappearing as it has been passed for the construction of houses and demolition is well under way………….

The Sappi paper mill, in Livesey Branch Road, Feniscowles, all outbuildings, tanks, and enclosures, including a Scottish Power power station, will be reduced to “slab level”, to allow for regeneration of the site.

Global asset management and advisory firm Black Pearl Capital Partners (BPCP) acquired the 118-acre site after it closed in 2008, with the loss of around 120 jobs.

After Blackburn with Darwen Council gave the nod to the work, Lee Demolition Ltd’s excavators, with metal cutting shears, will now move onto the site, and will use hot cutting where needed.

Foundations will be removed to ensure that the ground is level. It is expected that work will be completed by August 15.

There is still quite abit to see here, especially the water tower next to the canal, would of loved to of seen this place in action, I have lots of photos from here and always meant to go back when I got better with my camera but iv always ended up ‘nipping in’ on my way past so my pics do not cover everything to see here and the majority were taken on my phone in bad light….. hey ho. Im sure someone else will put up some better pics.

Also there is a rather nice looking chimney there………. Hehe.

Anyway il stop banging on but here is a few links to information, history and some really really old photos of when it was up and running. These articles are well worth a read…. If you have time, if you google star paper mill feniscowles you will get a lot of info, too much to put here


http://www.jepnet.co.uk/genealogy/Star mill/star mill.pdf


http://www.cottontown.org/other industry/pages/paper-and-chemical.aspx

on with my crap pics….





The crane that holds this hook spans the whole width of the building!




in the tunnel to the chimney

Excuse the photos but thanks for looking​


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Not many people know its here, its a little gem tbh, most of it has now gone but after waiting and waiting and never getting round to going back to have a full day taking pics i thought i might aswell put up the report so other people will see it before it goes. there is still alot to see, i wont say too much but its well worth a visit, especially if your good with a camera!
im hoping and knowing that there will be some really good pics from this place, i may go back yet as its not far from me, theres some certain shots i want to get yet!

Choo Choo m8ty

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That deffo looks interesting. Not seen this before ethier. Really nice thx for report and pics it's apreciated


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Now then. What has been demolished already? Looks pretty good from satellite maps! Its was obviously supplied from a modern gas turbine set up (Which is actually quite extensive) Any signs of an old power house?

Somebody needs to go back and take some proper photos now.


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I can't believe any of you didn't know it was here tbh. It's been in the same state for quite a few years now. What you see on Google maps is pretty much what is there now, the ground is a little muddy now to say the least so boots is a must really. Even though there are only a few buildings left it's quite nice to see what's left. All the pipes up to the water tower are still in place next to a walkway running up to it. I only really concentrated on the chimney tbh. You can get on top of the vat on the roof with good views. I'm looking forward to seeing proper photos you guys will get.

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