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Starting out equipment


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Hi all,

So what is essential equipment? With smartphones having 20mp+ do I really need to invest in an SLR?
Obviously I know I need lighting, that's not a problem in my line of work (I have LED lamps that light up a room like the second coming).
What else do I need? Good footwear and dark clothing are a given.


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lighting is not always needed, and can draw more attention you.

Decent Shoes.
More importantly comman sense really.


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I wouldn't depend on a smartphone with 20MP, as its the sensor chip that counts, which is tiny for a smartphone. But you don't need to invest in a dSLR, theres plenty of compacts that can take good pics. But i've seen phone pics which actually came out decent so whatever floats your goat counts :rolleyes: you might want to invest in a good torch and learn light painting, saves u some weight in the long run (well, if u shoot in dark environments alot.. )


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All depends where you are going mate.

On the camera side of things, although i would agree you dont necessarily need a big DSLR for taking photos with they do make great 'get out of jail free cards' Cameras are good evidence to present when you're caught that you do intend to take photos. A smart phone lives in your pocket anyway and for that reason im usually never without my camera when trespassing. Also try taking photos in the dark with a camera phone!

Clothing wise you need to blend in as much as possible. This might mean wearing dark clothes but avoid looking like a ninja or wearing loads of camo at all costs too. You look just MORE conspicuous that way. Sometimes it's better to hide in plain sight and wear hi viz / workwear or even dress up like you're on a night out while in the city. Obviously some places require heavy duty clothing such as boots and what not. Some dont.

Sounds like you have lighting covered too. You need a compact bright torch for photo taking / seeing distances and a nice compact head torch for general bumbling about and hands free lighting while you climb in the dark. Sometimes you might need a red light if you need to be stealthy as these are harder for security to spot and will preserve your natural night vision.

Theres nothing else i would say i always take with me but there's plenty of other useful things

It's good to keep a couple of climbing slings for helping to climb whatever small obstacles you might meet. (For longer drops you might want a rope ladder or for really long stuff rope equipment.) Sometimes small 'explorer' dinghies are useful for crossing small stretches of water. Sometimes i find binoculars useful. Particularly for spotting where CCTV is pointing before you're in range! Theres loads you 'might' use but generally the only 'essential' is yourself and the more you have the less likely you will have to turn back.

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I would start off with...

A torch and lots of batteries, and a spare torch !
Discrete clothing
Safety boots
Grip gloves
Water and snacks

That'll get you started, anything else you can get later.


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Just get a ok ish bridge camera off ebay or somewhere. You can probably get something half ok for £50, tripod, Torch, boots and some good company for some fun adventures.


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I know this has already been answered but I will throw in my 2 cents also.

General starting gear needed to start sploring would by my mind be:
>Gloves (an absolute must)
>Dust mask or even better a workman's respirator
>Suitable clothing for the location, sturdy but inconspicuous.
>Good pair leather boots ( fabric will still get your feet soaked)
>A small reliable torch with an even light (e.g coast G50)
>Powerful head torch for lighting up rooms and allowing hands free movement/shooting
>A good backpack to keep everything in with a few different compartments,so you know what is where.
>A compact spare torch and extra batteries for your camera
>Freshly charged batteries in all devices including torches
>A bottle of water
>Common f***ing sense/e.g no deaths by rusty wobbly ladders.

In the case of a camera, the best option is to buy the best DSLR you can within your budget , as you will get lots of enjoyment out of it even outside urbexing. However if you just enjoy the thrill of urbexing and taking a few record snaps, then there is nothing wrong with using a phone to do so.


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Depends if you want something waterproof or not ? If you want waterproof you are going to have go for leather, which are pretty good but can be hot. Otherwise something like these:

Thanks very much for your help, I've had a look around and decided on these:


Hopefully they'll provide the support and grip I'll need.

Is knuckle protection really necessary?
I'd say so yes.