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Report - State Insurance Building (State Night Club), Dale Street, Liverpool - June 2011

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State Insurance Building, Dale Street, Liverpool – A very mini report



What remains of the Grade II listed State Insurance Building is only one half of the original premises, which extended as far as North John Street. It was demolished in the 1960’s presumably to make way for the ugly office block now on the corner; the demolished part of the building was a mirror image of the front elevation with the remaining decorative column being central.

Originally built 1905 as the State Restaurant was part of the State Insurance Building, the restaurant was opened in January 1905, details of when it closed and other uses are vague, but it was used as “The State Nightclub".

The architect was Aubrey Thomas who used the Gothic language in a free flowing manner to produce a composition that is almost Art Nouveau. Behind the façade is a galleried atrium with what was a glass roof (now clad), originally used as a restaurant, around which the offices are arranged. Aubrey Thomas was the architect for the Liver Building, as well as many other building around Merseyside at this time.

The building is currently being redeveloped, most if not all the interesting original features have gone, I could find no info on what the future use of the building will be?

My Visit

Work has basically got in the way of having a life for the last few months, never mind having an explore. Every day I have driven past derelict sites and have seen some of them appear on here. However when an opportunity knocked I thought it would be rude not to take it.

The visit was very brief and the few images I took were hand held/high ISO, even though the inside has been developed it was an impressive space and gives an indication to what must have been a stunning building.



Well that's it, sorry it's so brief but thought it may be of some interest as to what lay behind the locked doors, wish I had some more time, but did not want to out stay my welcome :)



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