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Report - Station House - Shrewsbury = Dec 19

Bikin Glynn

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Been covered a few times but lets start with the obligatory across the rails pic, was a drizzley grey day at the time of our visit.

What little history there is about this place has been covered already so I wont go into that much, but essentially this has been used as a private dwelling ever since its closure sometime in the 60's

For me the owners obviously link with cars was the main interest here, with some memorabilia still left leaning towards Bugatti ownership.
I noted some things have gone since prev reports which is sad but inevitable.

A very well organised draw full of car bulbs, the prev resident was clearly passionate.

Ghost Numberplates from some vehicles evident here.

Being a cyclist the old road bike was interesting, & I loved the wodden handle brass track pump.

The house itself is pretty dull inside but has some lovely architectural features.

The barns & caravan are interesting & it spears a separate family lived in one of the caravans with a child cot in the end room.
Unfortunately we were loosing light by this point so no pics from inside there!

Sorry had more pics there than I thought, thanks for looking!

Calamity Jane

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Really nice shots there. Opener a cracker, love the old window shot too. Some real nice bits to photograph there. Oh and btw congrats on yellowing up, it is new isnt it? :thumb


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What a trove of treasures you found! Those old cassette decks were wonderful. I'm not sure if I'd have been able to resist the call to "rescue" there, knowing they'll either end up smashed or in a skip; but this is the sad knowledge we have to accept I guess. Wonderful pics, nice work!

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