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Report - Steel, Germans, and Styru's Soviet Rubbish Bin - DE '12


Germany is the "wurst"
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So, I finally got around to giving this damn lens a spin, now that I have my 350D back (with its awesome half hour of battery life).

Mr. Jorion
and I popped over to have a peek at one of the big ole steel mills, last man standing in a formerly vast industrial park. The local authorities must, at one point, have had some idea of turning it into a tourist attraction (as evinced by the new-ish network of viewing platforms and stairs and lifts for the fat tourists), but changed their minds - probably due to asbestos, or fear of one of the aforementioned fat tourists falling off a ladder and being impaled on some rusty pile of crap. The place is surrounded by brand new sidewalks and streetlights - which are fenced in, rusting, with weeds growing between the cracks. YOUR TAXES AT WORK.

The mill closed in the 1990s, I was here before, relevant info is in that thread - this is more for some pretty pictures. But this time I got to muck around with some of my new old Russian kit. Also, it was freezing.

So here, some more pictures of a hugely over-photographed place (I don't think the local kids even bother coming anymore, but it's still cool.)

I'm pretty impressed with the colors, but then again, I'm easily impressed and the evening sun probably had a little bit to do with it - that could make anything rusty look good. Enjoy.






Ooh, just noticed this: look at the "straight" lines in the brickwork and how they're distorted in the pic. That's kind of cool.




No seriously, the lens is awesome. Thanks again for the tip, boss. I'll add the b&w film shots from there as soon as I get them developed and scanned.

Oh yeah, I finally caved and have a Facebook page again after deleting my last one, and an empty Twitter feed, and what the hell am I going to do with this? Post some porn or something.

More, as always, at kosmograd dot net.
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