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Report - Steelworks LM - Czech Republic - July 2020


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My friend has found this place on maps in early 2020 and I was tasked with scouting the area. We weren't sure if it was abandoned, as it was a part of a working steelworks. So we tried it in March before the lockdown, just to test the waters. We didn't see much of the place, but it looked half working, half abandoned, with water, steam and gas running but no machinery moving. After a bit of looking around, we left the place. A second visit was in order so in July we made our second attempt, this time with my friend who found the place. The building we assumed was abandoned, was a small and old rolling mill. Almost nothing changed since our first visit, but in some documents inside we found, that the mill was still operating between March and July, and has in fact closed not too long ago. This time we explored it thoroughly. Next to the rolling mill was a part of the mill with three open-hearth furnaces. The hall had nice arches on the ceiling. Then we've looked around the active part of the steelworks with electric furnaces. Since no sounds were coming out of it, we decided to take a quick peek inside. The machines were running and the slag pots were still warm, but there were no people inside. That's probably because we went on a Sunday and Monday was a state holiday. Anyway, we sniffed around a bit, took some photos, and almost got caught by a guard who was riding a bicycle through the hall and by some miracle didn't see us. Then we ran away.

The first thing we saw when we entered - some sort of preheater for ingots I assume

That green thing up there is a control room

Stands on the other side of the control room - the green box is the second control room

This is the end of the line - the green box is the second control room. The yellow control room was also unlocked

Inside the yellow control room

Inside the second green box

Inside the first green box

The old Skoda engine

The old hall with arched ceilings. Open hearth furnaces are in the back on the left

Detail of the small smithy

The active part. Slag pots on the right

The first EAF

The small second EAF

The third EAF

Side shot of the third EAF

Thanks for reading​

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Very nice, and lucky to get in so early after closure or near closure. Great bit of industry. Dont know what an EAF is, but it looks pretty cool to photograph:thumb